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Read more D-Waste Experts Anna Karkazi is a Civil Engineer (National Technical University of Athens), with a European Master (EKPA & University of Rotterdam) for Environmental Management and Education. Read more D-Waste Experts Enzo Favoino is with Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza, where he co-ordinates the Working Group on Composting and Sustainable Waste Management. Read more D-Waste Experts Timothy Byrne has worked in the waste industry since 1996.He was first involved in the capital sale of waste management equipment, for example, waste transfer station vehicles. Read more D-Waste Experts Isabel de la Parra Leibson is a BSc – Environmental Engineering and a specialist in Integrated Solid Waste Management and ISO-14001 Management Systems. Read more D-Waste Experts Nathalia Lima is an Environmental engineering student at Sao Paulo State University to graduate in July of 2016 and a D-Waste Youth Expert; Summer internship at D-Waste (July, 2014); ISWA...She holds a degree in Physics, and a Master in Environmental Management from Vrije Universiteit, The Nethelands.... Atilio Savino is Vice-President of ARS-Association for Solid Waste Studies, National Member of ISWA in Argentina, and an Honorary Member of ISWA-International Solid Waste Association. Read more D-Waste Experts Costas Hatzieleftheriou is a chemical engineer and member of Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Department of EPEM SA.He holds certificate of Class B' Consultants’ Degree for the categories 18...Sc.) in Chemistry from the University of Athens, Greece. Read more D-Waste Experts Carlos Silva Filho is Regional Development Network Representative of ISWA and Coordinator of the South America sub-regional secretariat for IPLA.(Coordinator of the South America sub-regional secretariat for IPLA - International...Read more D-Waste Experts Costas Velis is Director of FUELOGY, a specialised research and management consultancy, delivering solutions on resource efficiency and circular economy, working in the interface between traditional solid waste management, resources...Read more D-Waste Experts Konstantinos Naoum has a Degree in Chemical Engineering, MSc from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece.

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He has worked with almost all key UN, multi-lateral and bi-lateral development institutions in the world as well...Despite their hazardousness, since most of e-waste contains hazardous substances, developing countries continue to import illegally e-waste because of its high metal content, including also cooper and gold.As a consequence, in order to recover these metals, a great amount of e-waste receives inappropriate treatment including manual dismantling and open burning, posing a significant threat both for the human health and the environment. Mavropoulos called for actions as a way to ensure sound e-waste management all over the world.He is Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and owner of chemical...Read more D-Waste Experts Maria Tsakona is an Environmental Consultant Engineer working in the field of Solid Waste Management since 2005.Authorities and international organizations must establish clearer and more accessible rules and regulations, the industry must adapt its manufacturing patterns to manufacture products that will be environmental friendlier, whereas us, the consumers must be more aware about such issues and push towards the aforementioned directions.

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