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He said: “I don’t mind at all, in fact I was just about to ask you the same question.” At first I was a little bit shocked for he had always been more on the shy side, but I said OK and started to take my shirt of. ” said Darko, “if we are both going to be naked lets make a little wager…”, “What kind of wager, what do you mean?

” I asked for I had no idea what he was talking about. I bet my is much bigger than yours.” he said and grinned slightly.

“OK, you’r on” I replied “but what should we bet for?

...” “Lets bet that the looser should suck of the the bigger cock.” Darko suggested. But you better do it when I win.” " No you better do it when I win.”; “But first we should get hard before we compare our dicks” I noted. Lets watch a porno clip, I have one on my phone” he suggested, “Lets”.

“com on you don't seriously think I am going to suck that python?

Like this the difference in size was even more obvious, my dick was for a full head bigger than his, I also noticed he had no hair on his balls while my have already started to sprout.

He only had a small pubic bush while my was much more noticeabely bigger for that age, he was also noticeably smaller.

So we stood there our dicks hard, my pointing directly at him and his pointing slightly up.

This is a true story and I will try to tell it as detailed as possible.

Lets start with a little back ground to better imagine the situation.

“A bet is a bet, and you lost it so you must suck me! With reluctance he got down on his knees and took my dick in his hand, looking at it.

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