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Don’t let this holiday go by without celebrating the special grandparents you have in your life!We have a variety of gifts and activities that you can share with your grandparents as a form of love and appreciation.For a similar idea, check out our Mini Mom and Dad Date Kits for a great bonding experience between parents and children.Before I get to this week’s topic, I’d like to answer a question about Shore Excursions during our upcoming quilter’s cruise to Hawaii in January of 2019.

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I immediately felt the need to share half of the fabric with Sue :-). Some of those scraps found their way into this regal rooster’s tail, along with her lovely hand stitching.For more info go to: Last week I shared how to match striped fabric strips, using “Elmer’s School Glue”™, with a straight seam.This time I’ll demo matching with a bias/mitered seam.Here’s the story: “Most locals agree that wild chickens proliferated after Hurricane Iniki ripped across Kauai in 1992, destroying chicken coops and releasing domesticated hens, as well as roosters being bred for cockfighting.Now these brilliantly feathered fowl inhabit every part of this tropical paradise, crowing at all hours of the day and night to the delight or dismay of tourists and locals alike.” Before I get to my topic of the week, I’d like to share a few helpful hints for using a blog such as mine.There will be two other shows in the Southeast Wisconsin area that same weekend: West Suburban Quilters Guild will be holding their show at the Waukesha Expo Center.

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