Dating services in columbia md


I wanted a refund on the remaining half of my contract since I paid for 6 introductions.

I called and emailed customer service, but got stonewalled everywhere I turned. Finally, a manager calls me and tersely explains to me that I signed a contract with a non-refundable clause in it...

As soon as I left the parking lot I had that heavy feeling of one who knows they've been had, but I thought, "hey, alexandria is a densely populated area and I was pretty specific about the types of girls I like.Browse the playing field and narrow down your selection with quick chats with several singles of the opposite sex in an outdoor patio atmosphere.Join us at the seated and standing speed dating events located at Cafe Citron and The Rum Bar with specific attendees to find your perfect match.I was curious, though, and definitely wanted to get what I paid for.The first girl happened to live so far away that it took an hour and a half drive (traffic in the d.c. That introduction obviously didn't work out, and the next intro lived closer but was nearly ten years older than me (I specified an age range of 18-28 because I am 24 years of age).Together Dating is a scam, and don't let their pressure salespersons tell you otherwise.

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