Dating shorter guy yahoo answers


What a fool you are to have cared about them and built them up to be this great thing, when they were just like everybody else.

What a fool you are to have thought you had something special and unique.

If you look at their past choices as errors, then it becomes a matter of damnation or forgiveness.

But by seeing their choices for what they are (differences between you and them), you can use the knowledge to adjust your understanding of your partner. Where did their choices come from (psychologically)? Were their decisions a fluke of youth, or a part of their current character?

It is possible to give more of your to someone than you’ve given to anybody else.

They might feel as bad (or worse) about the events in their past as you do.

How has their sexual past shaped their attitudes today?

What does that mean for your compatibility in the future?

How could they just throw away their virginity like it was nothing? They just threw their body away and never thought twice.

How could they have sex with that brain-dead skank/douchebag? The important thing to remember here is that their choices probably weren’t wrong, bad, evil, or immoral; they were probably just rather than as indiscretions.

Until next time be good, stay off the chems and RIP Rumble.

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