Dating washburn bowlback mandlins


Wright gives Bohmanns instrument building dates as 1878 to the late 1920s, while Michael Holmes of Mugwumps gives 1876-1930.Regardless, its unclear exactly when Bohmann died, or what happened to the business when he did.The fellow who obtained the catalog featured below originally said that the catalog came from the factory in the early 1970s, where I saw all of the old instruments, and also high end Bohmanns at a Bohmann family members house." This person has a much more detailed, remarkable story that I'm attempting to sort out.

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Other than a salesmans exaggerated claims, Im not sure what Bohmanns boast means.Three earlier harp guitars had been patented in America - Hansen and Dahlman in 1891, and Almcrantz in July 1895 (though Bohmann may have beat Almcrantz).Perhaps Bohmann is referring to it as the first contra bass harp guitar, because it had 12 sub-bass strings (the previous three instruments had only 4), or perhaps because of the double neck design.The image is a page from the 1899 catalog, but the guitar would have been built in 1895 or earlier.Note that Calamara appears to have removed the lowest two bass strings could he be anticipating Gibsons switch from 12 to 10 chromatic strings?!Eventually, in the 70s or 80s (again, unclear), the factory was opened by the inheritors by some accounts, a Bohmann grandson.

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