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The XMLHttp Request object has various properties and methods to provide HTTP client functionality.

The XMLHttp Request properties are discussed in Table 1. XMLHttp Request Properties Retrieves the current state of a request.

Without Ajax, the validity of data in the form is not checked until the form is submitted.

With Ajax, the data added to the form can be dynamically validated as the data is added to form fields using business logic in a server application.

In Tag libraries frame, select default settings and click on Next.

In HTML Options frame, select default settings and click on Next.

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As an example, suppose a user fills out a form to add data to a database table.XML data is converted to renderable HTML on the client side using DOM and Extensible Stylesheet Transformations (XSLT).Originally introduced by Microsoft as an Active X component, XMLHttp Request is now supported by most modern browsers.3-Some data has been received, but invoking the response XML produces null, because response headers and status are not completely available. Invoking the open() method sets the ready State property to 1.response Text, response XML, status, and status Text properties are set to their initial values.Figure 3: Ajax Application Directory Structure Next, add some libraries to the Ajax project with Tools Add Library.

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