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If I’ve ever blocked you, it’s not because I’m being reactive or childish. It means that I woke up one day and realized that u have such a negative impact on my life that I do not care to see what u are doing NOR do you deserve to see what I am doing.

Sometimes I feel like I'm taking on a role when I'm writing a song, and it doesn't always have to be true.

Talking about his personal life Musso is not married yet and he is currently living a single life.

Mitchel Musso is an American actor, musician, and singer.

He is the son of Katherine(mother) and Samuel Musso(father), who was involved in Community Theater in Dallas, Texas.

He has two brothers: Mason Musso, who sings lead vocals in the band Metro Station with Miley Cyrus brother Trace and Marc Musso an actor.

According to rumors, Mitchel Musso has not talked about in regards to his professional career but also or the rumors surrounding him. Mitchel is active on the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

He was the host of the Disney Channel show Pranksters.

Added to that, he also voiced DJ in the film of June, 2009 which peaked at number 19 on the Billboard 200.

Talking about Mitchel Musso, educational background, he was homeschooled.

Recently at the age of 25, Mitchel Musso made his Hollywood debut in 2003, in Secondhand Lions along with that he appeared in Am I Cursed, as Richie and The Keyman as an offspring scout both in 2002.

She had worked in a popular television series named Hanna Montana. After that she had dated an actor as well as a musician.

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