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The Plan is a dynamic stage play that helps tell the story of Christmas you don't want to miss.

We are located at 8000 w Broward Blvd Ft Lauderdale, FL This year's Holiday Soiree will be on December 22nd at the Hard Rock Hotel & Ballroom in Hollywood, FL!

The preamp stage produces a smoother, darker overdrive than my '.

The master volume has a smoother taper and it sounds overall darker and more compressed than my JMP.

This is JAVEN leading in worship on the Mediterranean Sea at the Coliseum. Do us a favor and help spread the word by sending out a post and be sure to include in your Christmas playlist.

Be sure to re-post and tell a friend; everyone download this Sunday! Come join the NOW church on December 13th for a special drama presentation of the Christmas story.

It seems to be a great Marshall for his needs, and should offer enough gain, although I'm sure he'll want more. I'll post a less emotional description in a day or so... It currently has GE 6550A tubes in it and I may switch it over to EL34s to see if I like it better.

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Single coils sound fantastic thru this amp, tons of volume and very portable. The only amp I have that sounds better (and only slightly better at that) is a vintage Marshall 20 watter.

The midrange is voiced a bit lower, and it 'sings' with overdrive at all levels, producing an especially convincing overdrive at low volumes that the JMP cannot reach. I'll post a less emotional description in a day or so... Also, the Vintage 30 was a big upgrade over the stock Celestion. Well I have had a chance to play my Marshall 4010 with EL34s in it and it's definitely staying that way. I found it by removing all the knobs and input jack nuts, flipping over the pre-amp circuit board and examining the solder connections of the jacks and pots through one of those magnifying lights. Oh, BTW - I just put a reissue Gibson Dirty Fingers pickup in my '96 LPC. It has about the same output of the 498T it replaced, but it is much more dynamic.

At higher master volume, it has a more pronounced upper midrange that dominates the sound--it gets a bit brighter with an increase in volume. A couple of small snags in the tolex on the bottom of the amp. The result was a creamier and warmer tone when cranked. Also, it has more gain with the EL's than the 6550's. Someone once told me it was the 'Canadian' version (? The 6550s sounded really big and powerful, but not nearly as much sustain, gain and harmonics as the EL34s. There is the cone cry to put up with, but it sounds so nice and creamy when pushed. The EL-34's and Vintage 30 is big upgrade for this amp. When I gently wiggled the pre-amp pot shaft I could see one of the 'feet' moving in and out of the solder joint. It is more articulate on the low notes and creamier on the high notes. I installed it backwards so the coil-tapped coil is farther from the bridge.

JAVEN is back from his tour in Israel with TBN and friends! ‪‎Download‬ this ‪‎holiday‬ classic on November the 29th on i Tunes or where ever digital music is sold!

What a powerful time of worship, sharing in the word, and a time of prayer! Bring your valentine to experience God's love as we share in free gifts, dessert, & some special surprises! You will love this contemporary ‪‎jazz‬ rendition of this Christmas ‪‎Carol‬!

I read Marshall used to do a tweak to the combos to give them more low end since it wasn't going through a 4x12. [QUOTE=b2nc] I'm trying to score a set of G12-65s too but that may be easier said than done.[QUOTE] G12-65s aren't that hard to find.

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