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It promised to stretch reality television to the limit: one man pitting his wits against the Yukon wilderness with just a camera for company.

But hopes for an epic three-month contest between man and nature were dashed when adventurer Ed Wardle failed to go the distance.

Only 83 feet - less than 30 yards - separates the two venues, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The new stadium is home to the NFL's Atlanta Falcons and Major League Soccer's Atlanta United.

He was airlifted out after 50 days, and arrived back in London on Monday. John Beyer, Director of Media Watch, said last night: 'This is a pretty foolish enterprise.

And then to the cameraman's horror, a MARTA bus pulled up to the area As the countdown begun, people gathered around with their cell phones out ready to capture the moment as the first explosion went off. After a few more expletives from the cameraman, the bus finally drove off.

The dome opened in 1992, and officials had said it would be flattened within about 15 seconds.

The Georgia World Congress Center Authority, which includes the 71,250-seat dome, had said it would take 12 seconds for the explosives to go off plus another three seconds for sections of grandstands to be on the ground.

'If they first of all did not check that Ed Wardle was competent, then that is the height of irresponsibility on the part of Channel 4, to do that merely to provide entertainment for us all back home to watch this man steadily deteriorate.' Mr Wardle was chosen for the project because of his abilitiy as a cameraman and producer, and his experience of filming in the North Pole and on the summit of Everest.

He has worked on shows for Channel 4, ITV, BBC and Discovery.

Channel 4 handlers tracked his progress through the 500,000 square mile wilderness using a GPS satellite tracking device.

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