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But first, you’ll need a double entry visa for Tajikistan.You cannot get a double entry visa on arrival at the airport, so you must apply for one in advance at an official embassy or consulate. After you travel into Afghanistan through Tajikistan, you’ll need to leave through Tajikistan too. But typical visas for Tajikistan are only single entry.The safety situation changes on a weekly basis, and requires a good deal of research/planning beforehand.

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It’s located in the far North East corner of the country, surrounded on three sides by Tajikistan, Pakistan and China.

The area is inhabited by two main ethnic groups, the Wakhi and the Kyrgyz.

The Wakhi often have two homes, one for winter and one for summer months, made of stone.

Twins Hotel | Rohat Hotel | Green House Hostel I recommend spending at least one night in Dushanbe, but probably more.

You’ll need to exchange cash, buy last-minute supplies, and get a local sim card for your phone.

To travel in Tajikistan’s GBAO region, you need a GBAO permit.

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