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As a woman chatting with another woman we have much in common. No, I am not limited to certain topics but any and all. Married or single, it makes no difference to me, but I do like to steer the conversation towards sexy stuff, cause thats just how I roll.

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she also said that i look good in white colour shirt.

Since the person who started this experience wussed out, I'll kick it off.

for more, as this life I've become entrapped in feels cold and desolate, so very lonely to me. And she's gonna treat him like **** because he's gonna kiss her *** for giving him what he's built-up in his mind as the end-all, be-all of human existance. It's been 19 years, but it's been bad for so long, I don't even know what a healthy relationship is anymore. ugh I don't ask for too much from what can be offered.

We have grown into very different people in our life together, and so far apart. My marriage is purely a facade of few simple beautiful things. honest with myself and allow you to blame me for the failure of our marriage.... I mean absolutely none left but managed to rekindle the fire with them? Has anyone done that successfully with their spouse? He doesn't want me to do anything but stay at home. but she seems to prefer spending time with it than me.

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