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Is the masturbation causing me the anxiety/panic episodes?

if so, why and what can i do (other than quitting sex/masturbation) to stop it? i have an adrenaline, excessive dopamine prodcution or too much estrogen or LACTIC acid in my bloodstream.

after only a few hours i asked to leave but they refused, after 2 days i asked again and they refused,.after 4 days they finally granted me my wish to leave but the psych wrote me a prescription for anti depressants and i refused saying i wasnt depressed.

he then said 'at least take sumthing to calm down' and wrote me a script for klonopin benzo and trazadone he prescribed me 60 benzos and i was hooked physically.

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Since then I have has ELEVATED anxiety/panic and stress symptoms.I found out MUCH LATER that this happened because i was in the "serious" withdrawal phase from quitting smoking and I was very sensitive to any stimulants.After that coffee panic attack, I rushed to ER where they made me speak to a psych and i went on to tell him exactly what i have just wrote above about the quitting pot and cigs but he cut me off telling me I had an anxiety disorder and that i should stay on floor 3 the mental ward for a week for observations.The psych shouldve listened to me and should have not prescribed me 60 pills right off the bat,. it seems as tho the anxiety and stuff that ive been having is not from over masturbation rather from a DEPENDENCY ON BENZOS.a few would be ok , he shouldve known i was having these panic attacks because of my withdrawal from pot and cigs ... It's 100% the benzos as I went through everything you describe and still have never been right since stopping benzos.. I had 3 substance induced panic attacks about 11 months ago,..It increases the effect of barbiturates and other psychoactive medicatons, in one case study, a patient who took kava kava together with alprazolam ( a benzidiazepine) went into a coma. I had 3 substance induced panic attacks about 11 months ago,..

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