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After a drunken mistake is caught by Rick, he decides to let his wife help his father in her own way. ” Aoife turned toward her husband, one fist on her hip, posing like some clothing model for a cheap mall store.The lacy white tank top and skin-tight white shorts showed off her petite figure.That, and the videos she’d make of the two of them together.She still remembered the confusion he’d shown when she brought home so many nanny-cams upon moving in together.

If the rumors were true, then Gerald had been cheated on by both wives.

It was cute, with yellow flowers dotting it, practical. She took it off and tried on option two – a barely-there, lacy black thing that was simply two strings connecting a pair of eye patches.

It left nothing to the imagination, and complimented her just right.

It was the stepmother that probably made Rick so anxious, given what they’ve heard from his uncle.

No, she reminded herself, they were coming together, so that was a good sign.

Rick is hoping to use this chance to reconnect after a long absence with his father, and help him through his own marriage difficulties.

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