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(4 ages: gold, silver, bronze/brass/brazen, iron.) Egypt: 4 canopic sons of Horus/gods of compass points: …. Pyramid &/or primeval hill/mound ~ (land/earth &/or) Ararat (&/or Babel)? (Surid flood is not the great Flood, though it may be conflated/confounded with the great flood.) (The Atlantis account says Egypt was not flooded? Our dates for Menes and Zoser are both similarily about 700/600 years lower than orthodox dates. 1st-3rd dynasty: From the 1st to 8th dynasty the one major possible overlapping contemporary dynasties period is the 2nd dynasty?

Egypt: 4 races: ro(m)t/red, namu/yellow/[aamu], tamahu/white, nahsu/nhsy/black/kush. 4 elements Djed/baphomet: fire/top, air, water, earth/bottom. ) Egypt is postglacial in Cambridge Anc Hist, and the ice age was thought by some scholars to be post-Flood unstable climate/weather. Nimrod/Nebrod (or Asshur) (hunter) could be any of either: Min/Mena/Menes/Memian? (dynasties 1&3-8 Memphite, dynasties 1-2 Thinite.) 215 years from Abraham (end 1st dynasty) to Joseph (3rd/4th dynasty).

Eden Egypt like many other nations seems to have evidences confirming the 4 rivers of Eden of Genesis. “1663 years Egyptian state lasted before Cambyses [525 bc]”?

A symbol in Philipot for the 4 rivers of a circle with cross in it ( ) suggests that the 4 rivers divided the whole world/earth. Herodotus’ Pan [29220yrs to Amasis2] seems to be divided by 18 and match his Greek Dionysos 1600 years.

A source says that Apollonius Rhodius said that Sesonchosis or Sesor-tosis was 2500 years before Nilus who was 436 yrs before 1st Olympiad (776) giving date of 1212 for Nilus and 3712 bc for Sesortosis. (The 800 years for Sais which may be Saites/Salilis of Hyksos may also confirm 900 years Moeris.) The Hyperboreans lived a 1000 years which is really 100/110/120 years. The other is that Sesostris (12th dyn) was 2500/10 or 250 years before 1212 bc, giving date of circa 1462 bc? Herodotus list: 1/pan/8 2/hercules/12 3/dionysos/3rd horus 1/min/menes moeris/900 anysis/700 amyrtaeus. bc/bp cromagnon”] [4phoenixes/crows ~ 28000 yrs bc.] “11652/11542 bc four calendars coincide” [“11340yrs/bc menes”] [4phoenixes/crows ~ 5840 / 6000.] “5869bc menes(petrie/champollion)” [lxx] sirius5478bc* “4900s/4700s bc 3rd/4th dyn” (Petrie) 4241bc sothaic 4004 “3761/3760/3750 naramsin/nippur” jewishcreation; “3712/3700s” sesortosis (ap rhod) zoser (Bey/Rhodius) 3400bc menes 3100 menes, mayan 3000 menes “2900s bc 3rd/4th dyn (Breasted/previously) 2900 menes notearlierthan 2850bc menes 2871/2787/2782/2773bc sothaic coinc; [“27th century bc OK”] “c2600s/(-2500(s)) bc 3rd/4th dyn” (orthodox); [4phoenixes/crows ~ 2640.] 2399/2300 menes (josephus) 2300 abe (moslem/Fasold), menes 2225/2224 transit venus, menes 2224 menes (palmer)*, transit Venus; “2254-2194/2192 bc” menes (hoeh); [late2000s onlycommondateforbeginning Egypt] 2000/s abraham, 4phoenixes/crows “2200 /-200” peru drought; “1900s usher’s/orthodox abraham” “1873/1872/1830bc sothaic senusert3 illahun;” 1876 jose [1837 sesortosis?

Scholars seem to accept that the date of Sesortosis of “3712” bc is not correct. Some sources do reckon the 9000 years is months by they wrongly divide it by 13 months (Egyptian) and wrongly place it in 19th dynasty ca 1200s. One other unlikely possibility is that Shishak/Sesostris (19th dyn) was 2500/10 or 250 years below 1212 bc, giving a date of c 962 bc? ] c1800bc ogyges 1797-1779 sirius [“1705”] joseph (ussher/oxford) 1690/1662/1652 moses/exode “1650 bc sobekhotep 8”? ] (432000yrs/6000zoddegs*) 180,000yrs ottomuck 73300yrs grt pyr 36,525yrs 2923/17000 hercul/twelve 15000 dionysos 13420yrs before Menes(manetho/turin) 11985y (6dynsgods)? tensofthousandsofyears tadpole Pectoral 10,000yrs latercorporally, [herodotus added to1340], 9000 ptah, Atlant/athens 8000 atlantis/athens/sais 7000 tartessos [amen], phoenix 7000 yrs [“opinion”]; [5000yrs mortals, bc Menes] “3723” – “4551” years duration for 1st-18th/19th dynasties. 2300 tyre “2243 years” 12th-19thdyns “19xx” for 12th-19th “1881” for 12th-19th dynasties, “1842” duration for 1st-11th dynasties.

This shows that the orthodox date is less not more certain than ours.

Orthodox source/s say/s “dates of the Old Kingdom may still be upto 3 centuries out”, and “the tendency is to revise dates down”.

* I am not certain if Potiphera/Rahotep is right or wrong. bible: 1 Moses/exod [12th]/josh, 2 judges [hyksos], 3 david [18th], 4 shishak/zerah [19th], 5a neco (26th), 5b persia (27th). ] (sayce) 4th-6th — ebla — akkadian (oxford) MKP — Mari (Childe) 13th — Old Babylonian (Rohl) hyksos king change calendar — Venus tablets? ] 900s solomon/menelik/shishak “800bc Destruction episode” 776 first Olympiad/petubastes/isaiah? 443 436 nilus-1stolymp 440/430/400 crow abe/joe-mos santablet crow menesrevisedclosertopresent sothaicoutabout 393 hyksos-danaus 380y canopusdecree 365/364/363/360/350 chaos,[no/fl-abe?

Orthodox experts assert that Ra-hotep can’t be Hotep-ra or match Potiphera/Petephoros/Petephres because of Modern-alleged ancient Egyptian grammar/langauge rules. rohl: 1 moses/12-13th, 2 inachus/hyksos, 3 dave/amarna, 4 shishak/ramses2, 3/4 trojan war/seapeoples, 5 persians; egyptology: 1 moeris (12th/ok), 1/2 saites/minoan (15/16th), 3 , 4a seapeoples (19/20th/nk), 4b cocaine (19th/21st), 5b persians (26/30th); 3 hermes: 0 set, 1 shu/num, 3/4 thoth. 15/16/hyksos — Assyrians (josephus) 15/16/hyksos — baghdad (velikovsky) 18/nahrina 18/Amarna — Kassi/Mitanni/Mid Ass Per (amarna/rohl) 18/19 — Hittites 19/20th/seapeoples — Assyria (Fitzgerald-Lee) 22nd/23rd — Assyria/Elam (Weigall/Bey) [1st olympiad — Nabonasar] 25th — Assyria 26th — Neo Babylonian 27/31 — Persians 32 — Alex the Grt possible biblical-Babylonian scheme: 10 patriarchs — 10 antediluvian kings Flood — deluge/flood Babel — Eridu/Badtibira? 715 pimay 600 necho,nephi 585″ad” eclipse Lyd&Med 570-526 amasis 500s 26thdyn 525 cambyses? ],set war/horus Venemies Re/chase Setout/eventsyr Kdm, flood-Abe 320-348 years between sothaic dates of Sesostris 3 and Amenhotep 1 300/3centuries Dates OKmaybeupto3centsout surid-flood, jephthah horus, sothaic about 300-500 years out, 261/256 years for the 1st/2nd dynasties? variance Carbondating, phoenix 250 [“opinion”]; 250yrs 250diffbetween700&949 224y(4×56) 1547/ah1-menophres/1485 215/221/251 &/or 259/260/261 yrs for the Hyksos (15th &/or 16th) 217yrs 8demigods 214/215 yrs 3rd dyn in Manetho?

One possible decryption of the Sesor-tosis info is that Zoser was 2500/4 or 625 years before 1212 bc, giving a date of 1837 bc? Mavor’s “9000 yrs = 900 yrs” and Spanuth’s “9000 years = 9000 months” both reconcile with a 10 months year calendar. [There seems to be meeting of 10 & 12 about the time of 12th dynasty, though we are uncertain of the true picture.] Orthodox believe that Atlantis matches Thera/Santorini &/or Minoan Crete. Sesortosis 3712 is also close to Nabonidus’ date for Naramsin [3750bc]? Menophres: Menophres could be any of: Menes/Menoph/Manouph/Min/Memian &/or Memphis (1st dyn); Menouthis; Phamenoph/Amenophis/Memnon (18th dyn); Menphetyre (Ramses 1, 19th); Merneptah/Amenophis (19th). 1628/1610 thera carbon date* 1626-600 thera c14 1610 thera c14 1600s event (compton? Manetho3155yrs 3126 thoth* 2666 exodus2666am 2500 sesor-nilus 2401yrs conjunctplanscreat/jubofjub “2324 years for 15th/16th gen/[dyn? 1656y=23zoddegs* 1663/1605/1656/1600 egyptianstate-cambyses,[fourcrows],menophres,[pan],dionysos,preflood,newton 4crows 1506y 1221bc-roman 1500 yrs phoenix [Lepsius] 1460 sothaic, phoenix [Tacitus/Poole]; 1340/1300/1305/(41gens) preflood,menes-sol,min-seti,samaritan,ctesias 1183.5yrs(432000days) 6dynsgodsdivby12; [1134] “1050” years duration for 20th to 31st dynasties 1046 yrs for dyns 19/20- 30. 800 [dionysos],pan,atlantis/sais yrs Josephus 700y/254955d [palermo/sothis]Klistto8/13thdyn/concharis,yr Itch,anysis/sabacos, [tartessos], [amen] 700/600 [menes&zoserout] 660 yrs phoenix [Pliny] [625 sesortosis-nilus?

[Perhaps compare length of dynasty 3 in Manethonian lists is either 55 or 215 (roughly 4 x 55) years? However our table of synthesis of various sources shows that Atlantis war/sinking was before end of Minoan (& before 19th dynasty Sea Peoples) : Atlantis 900 matches Moeris 900; Sais 800 matches Saites/Salitis; Greek chronology also has Theseus/Minotaur after Deucalion/Atlantis (which was after Cecrops & before Theseus); …. Menophres 1605 years may match: 1663 years Egyptian state lasted before Cambyses; [Tacitus 4 phoenixes/crows of 400 years = 1600 yrs? )* [4phoenixes/crows ~ 1600 yrs bc.] 1580/1572 moses/exode [1574]/1556/1506 atlantis/deucalion “1550 nk start (carbon)” “1547” “(1551-)1524 Amenophis1/[tm3];” 1529 deucalion/atlantis 1556/1506 cecrops 1500 thera 1485bc menophres (off by 165 years) 1470 thera(archaeology) 1464bc elephantine record [1462 sesortosis? 1000 ra/re, hyperboreans,atlantis/athens/sais, flood-exodus adamday, [ptah&ra? ] 930/955/949/900yrs (9000mons) atlantis,moeris,hercules,adam,noah,[ptah? ],[palermo/klist1-8/13/tanis], 480 490sol-bab 868 years for dyns 20- 30. ] 600 sekhemhetout, greatyear(josephus); neroi; noah/shem; 580yrs ghostyrs “575” 20th to 26th.

) “Ogus/Oguz [Cush] after 72 yrs war [70/72 nations? ]), or/to 2850 bc (lissner), to 2399 (Bristowe), to 2224 bc (palmer), or “2254-2194/2192 bc” (Hoeh)? The orthodox date of 1st dynasty was recently revised “400 years closer to present” from 3100 to 3000, and a few decades ago was revised from 3400 to 3100 bc.

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