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After his father died in 2006, Randy and his sister each inherited 0,000 from Aaron Spelling's 0 million estate.

Being a Spelling meant acting roles, friends like Paris Hilton and growing up behind six gated acres near the Playboy Mansion.In the 2007 reality series, "Sons of Hollywood," Randy Spelling appeared with his childhood friend David Weintraub.Rod Stewart's son, Sean Stewart, was throw into the mix. That was a lifetime ago, when, as he writes, he was "ping-ponging between feeling comforted by drugs and feeling wretched." That world is far from the one he and his wife, Leah, have created in Portland.“What nobody knew was that both Tori and (brother) Randy had already received disbursements from a trust while Aaron was still alive,” she writes, adding that she has established college funds for her six grandchildren.Randy Spelling grew up in a mansion in Los Angeles where he could play hide and seek and never be found.She said she was moving to downscale her living space after her husband's death in 2006.

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