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Q: How did Rihanna find out Chris Brown was cheating on her? I bet Chris Brown's snooze button takes a motherfucking beating.

A: She found another woman's lipstick on his knuckles Q: Why is Chris Brown suing the Charlie Sheen? Chris Brown cited Michael Jackson as his role model, unfortunately his favourite song was beat it Chris Brown hits her, Eminem lies to her, Drake can't remember her name = The life of Rihanna.

The 28-year-old father has some very high hopes that the videos and interview in the documentary will provide the Fenty makeup mogul some closure even if it means that they don’t actually get back together.

'From there, it just went downhill because it would be fights, it would be verbal fights, physical fights as well.

", whatever, whatever, she starts hitting me, we're in a little Lamborghini, you know she's fighting me.'He says he pleaded with her that he was telling the truth.

But he says she continued to hit him.'Like I remember she tried to kick me, just like her beating sh*t, but then I really hit her.

" Rihanna: "Beats Me." Q: How did Chris Brown plea in the felony assault charge relating to Rihanna? Q: How do you fix our economic problems with the help of Chris Brown? His songs hit the top of the Billboard charts, while he hits women.

A: Invest all his money in a ponzi scheme and lock him up in jail with Bernie Madoff! Nothing beats a beautiful girl with a great singing voice.......except Chris Brown That awkward moment when a Rihanna song comes on Chris Brown's Pandora station.

Mutual sides, it is the first time I get to say anything.'He continued: 'I still love Rihanna, but I'm just going to be honest - we would fight each other, she would hit me, I would hit her, but it never was OK.

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