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He went to the doctor and after an exam the doc told him he had syphilis of the big toe. ORSM VIDEO UNSOLICITED SWING ADVICE GUY Defining characteristics: Knows exactly how to fix your swing even though you didn't ask.Employs a vast array of swing jargon that only confuses you further. " THE HUMAN RAIN DELAY Defining characteristics: Thinks he is honouring spirit of the game by never picking up.Oblivious to playing partners struggling for air - and the ash droppings on his belly. " THE SANDBAGGER Defining characteristics: The 15 handicap who is somehow playing 'much better' than he has in years.Feigns apology when he drops bunker shot within inches of cup, then kicks sand off his shoes like a tour pro. " THE VOLCANO Defining characteristics: Has unique ability to allow even the most pleasant days to be soured by any bad swing, bounce, or lie.Not in the spirit of the game: dragging his foursome through a three-and-a-half hour front nine. Defining characteristics: Considers golf course an extension of his office, home, therapist's couch, etc. THE CART GIRL SCHMOOZER Defining characteristics: Convinced he's got a shot with the cart girl.Has perfected the balancing-phone-on-the shoulder wedge shot. Would be crushed to learn she offered the same flirty laugh and bag of nuts to foursome of geeks up ahead.

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