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Archaeologists can document how the patterns of people changed over the last 3,000 years in the Woodland Period by looking at changes in pottery.All pottery was made with local clay, but some groups used sand vs.In Bacon's Rebellion, the Susquehannock and Dogue were attcking setlers in the backcountry, but Nathaniel Bacon led his army against the peaceful Occoneechee and Pamunkey.In 1607, there may have been 13,000 Algonquian-speaking Native Americans within the Coastal Plain territory claimed by Powhatan, and 15,000 Siouan-speaking Monacans/Manahoacs in the Piedmont.The separation of the two groups dates back to 200 A.D., based on archeological studies that identify when the "shared ceramic tradition" east and west of the Fall Line diverged and different pottery types emerged.

The exterior of pottery was smoothed with different tools and decorated differently.Within the colony, the rivalries were equally intense.George Kendall was executed after the Council determined he was a spy supporting the rival Catholic kingdom of Spain.Some were poor men looking for a steady wage from the Virginia Company, willing to accept a term of service as an indentured laborer in order to have the opportunity to own land in Virginia.Others were "gentlemen," already-wealthy venture capitalists who ad their person and risked their health in the new colony (as well as their wealth). Powhatan sought to limit the potential expansion of the colony, killing most of the English who hunted or explored far from the fort.For example, the mound-building culture left evidence of their presence west of the Blue Ridge and in the Rivanna River valley, but not on the Coastal Plain.

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