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This week I want to talk about scheduled (aka manual) updates, because as you might remember, we really want to control when statistics are updated.In terms of updating statistics you have multiple options, including: For systems that do not have a full-time DBA, one of the easiest methods for managing statistics is the Update Statistics Task. This Tutorial consists of list of lessons suited for newbee to intermediate programmers or anyone who would like to gain familiarity with the Sql Server Development and Administration.These lessons will help you get a quick head-start with Sql Server.Therefore, some of your indexes will rebuild (and thus have statistics updated) and some will not (and not have updated statistics).How do you manage that with the Update Statistics task?As usual googled and tried for multiple sites and could not find one site which covers all the Sql Server features in Tutorial format from Basic to Advance.For each topic needed to hop between different sitres.

Every day I use to prepare the Script files which was having little theory in it and trained her the same night and next day morning same lesson she use to explain to the students.

And sometime at the end of 2011 I gave the same script to one of my friend who wanted to learn Sql Server.

The result was he became fluent in Sql Server just by going through the Script files which I have prepared for training my wife.

And the outcome was students were very impressed with her presentation and the examples which she use to demo in very easy to understand way.

And in her carrier as a Technical Trainer spanning 8 months she successfully completed 9 Sql Server batches.

Therefore, there is no need to update Index statistics after you rebuild all your indexes, but you do need to update column statistics. The Rebuild Index task has more options in SQL Server 2016, which is nice for that specific task, but it makes providing guidance about statistics updates a bit trickier.

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