Teen dating sims

She can practice cooking, handiness, and other skills that will be essential once (or if) she moves out.

Plus, she can slowly start to chip away at her Aspiration, a luxury that Christine did not entirely have time for.

If Anna takes a job, she'll be subject to the same limitations as adult jobs.

She'll need to show up to work each day on time, preferably with a certain Emotion.

Anna inherits the wider hips and rounder buttocks that we gave Christine during Create a Sim, while still inheriting a few features from Freddie as well.

Anna uses her telephone, and she can select the “Find a Job” option.

A pop-up box appears, and she can select one of five part-time jobs.

Homework is still important if you're favoring mental skills, but it's a little less important if you have a specific plan in mind.

For Anna, she doesn't exactly need her homework to be a successful professional artist.

We also get to choose a second Trait and her life's actual Aspiration. They gain some special social commands that won't last into adulthood, but otherwise they are more or less like adults.

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