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As part of My French Film Festival, we take you on a frenzied road-trip from France to India!

At first an effort to achieve some sort of fellow-feeling, ) has never been afraid of changing genres or filming new adventures.

In 1980 he went to Scotland with Romy Schneider, Harvey Keitel, Max von Sydow and Harry Dean Stanton to film this emotionally felt sci-fi with a creepily prescient concept.

90s kids Kevin Bacon and Brad Renfro unite for a deeply-felt look at the immigrant experience in the United States.

Winner of not one, but two Silver Bears at the 61st Berlinale, this subtle, slow-burning drama chronicles a girl of just 7 years old under the dictatorship of 1970s Argentina.

Monica Willi, his and Haneke’s editor, crafted the final, global vision, made of extraordinary footage.

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